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Michael Sorenson

Piano | Vocals | Moral Support

Being a Sioux Falls native, Michael Sorenson has been a sought-after pianist since he was a teenager. Mike learned how to play by ear by performing with the likes of local favorites Goodroad and Weston Frank, he is also seen locally with his project, Six Feet Over. Michael has never been limited to just one genre of music, and has a keen ability to play any song he knows at the drop of a hat. An avid pun master, versatility is the name of his game as he sings, solos, and smiles his way through every LIVE dueling pianos performance. 

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Pierce Hoffman

Piano | Vocals | Star Wars Knowledge

Since a very young age, Pierce has been known by his family and friends as a showman. He started piano lessons in the 2nd grade (shoutout to John Mogen of Mogen's Heroes), he picked up the trombone in 4th grade, and by high school he was teaching himself to play the guitar. His vocal training dates back longer than he can remember! Pierce recently began filling in as an understudy for 6 Feet Over and that has led to the exciting opportunity to share the stage yet again with the talented Michael Sorenson as Duel Purpose. Pierce's love of the theater gives him a natural, lively presence onstage and his background of DJing weddings has given him an extensive knowledge of all genres of music! Most importantly, he really knows how to get a party going!

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Zach Dresch

Percussion | Vocals | Comedy

Zach Dresch is a comedian and musician born and raised in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He grew up a fan of sketch and stand up comedy, citing groups like the Kids in the Hall and comedians such as Mitch Hedberg and Demetri Martin as huge influences. He also plays in multiple bands, two of them being the active groups known as the Disarmed and Sharon’s Little Helpers, with his influences ranging from Tom Petty to Slipknot. He is most widely known as the Flu Bug on billboards and TV all across South Dakota. He’s not sure if this is a bio for Tinder or not.


Adam Rye

Sound | Lights | Organization Guru

As our resident expert regarding all things sound and lighting, Adam plays a crucial role in every Duel Purpose Show. His background with USD Theater and performances have helped him in his full time role at the Washington Pavilion and he brings fresh ideas to the sights and sounds we are able to achieve. His positive attitude and organizational skills help keep us on track during transit, setup, and teardown, and he is at the ready whenever technical issues arise. Further, he has even been known to come out from behind the sound board to grab a microphone and sing onstage with us!


Grayson York

Sound | Lights | Getaway Car Driver

Grayson York is our stage tech and works closely with the team to ensure speed and efficiency whenever we have a tight turnaround time for events. His interests in all things music production make him a key part of enhancing the sound and lighting elements at each Dueling Pianos show. Also a USD student, he has been known to spend his free time focused on music production, attending concerts, and volunteering.

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